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From The Desk Of Joe Kalis | Chicago, IL
Dear fellow business owner...

I know that you are tired.

I know that you have huge dreams (me too).
I know that you wish there was a secret to financial success (me too).
I know that you're willing to work hard, if the result is worth it (me too).

I see you. I am you. I've simply found a better way, and want to empower you to, as well.

So let's visit the age-old question that every business owner aspires towards...

What if your business ran itself?

"Impossible!", you say.

"We've tried all of that marketing automation crap. It never works how we want it." 

And with that, was born. 

How many times have you been incredibly inspired by the demo of a whiz-bang application, only to find out that you have no idea how to use it to get the same results that inspired you to purchase it in the first place?

If we're all honest with ourselves, we can probably all admit that the application itself is never really the problem... but instead, our ability to utilize all of the amazing power that it could unleash in our business.

The problem (as I've seen myself) is typically that the amount of free, step-by-step training for any given application is either negligible, or so disorganized that we just end up going back to the way we were running our business before... 

... manually, and on our own.

After experiencing this one too many times, a thought came to mind... 

"What if I created training on all the major marketing apps, as a way to help the average business owner succeed at a higher level?" 

Even better, what if all the training was given out for free?

Examples of Our Free Training Library...

You see, the thing about us "technical people"... we get incredibly excited when we build stuff and it works. It's even more exciting when we are able to show someone else how to do it and it works for them, because it completely validates that we are, indeed, AWESOME!

Got time for a (my) story? Great! 

This obsession with streamlined, powerful marketing automation began, for me, in 2013:


I learned what a "squeeze page" was.

Embarrassingly, this happened by way of a "Free Silver" MLM offer. First the first time, I actually grasped the concept of making an offer of something of value in exchange for someone's email address, and it profoundly changed my life in ways I never knew imaginable.

This is the foundation of a solid online lead generation process. 


I learned that "affiliate marketers" were making more money per month than I was in an entire year... almost on complete auto-pilot.

Content-driven, leveraged, automated efforts... resulting in REAL money, every month. 

I had to learn how. 


I sloppily patched together 5-6 different apps to create my very own "money-making machine".

I didn't know much, but I knew that I wanted to make money on "auto-pilot", and I now knew that other people were actually doing this successfully!

I knew that I had to start somewhere.


I learned that there were "all-in-one" solutions that made the goal of an automated campaign more streamlined.

With no shortage of "magic pill" applications on the market, I started with whatever worked, but over time, figured out how to make things much easier on myself and my business. 

I was on my way to the dream of an automated business...  

Now, I understand that you probably aren't reading this because you want to be an affiliate marketer. That is simply my story, which I tell so that you know it's possible to go from doing everything yourself, to having the majority of process in your business completely automated.

My story is certainly not over, but online automation allowed me to build a business that generated over 300K leads, and over $6M in revenue in a 3 year period... entirely on autopilot. 

This isn't even nearly the greatest success story in the "automated business" industry (not even close), but I'm willing to bet it sounds good enough to motivate you to want to learn how to automate some of your business processes. 

The only thing between you and an automated business is knowing how to use the technology...

... and that is what inspired

I want you to learn how to use your fancy applications so that you can start to see the freedom from the minutia of a business that I did several years ago.

From a business perspective, if you believe I'm smart enough to know how to use all these cool tools to run a business, you could probably guess that I'm smart enough to figure out a way to monetize this project.

I am incredibly selfless, and want to help you, but I also am a family-man who needs to make a living.

Rest assured, that through my dream (and realization) of becoming an affiliate marketer, there is plenty of money for me to make that does not need to come from you, so I'm committed to giving away as much free training as humanly possible...

Which brings up a good time for me to make my required disclaimer:

Some of the material and links provided will result in my making an affiliate commission from the product owner.

With that out of the way, let's focus on getting you properly trained up to use those apps that you fell in love with, but realized you don't know how to use! 

Examples of Our Free Training Library...
Joe's advice and guidance allowed me to scale my company's sales 6 times over in the span of two months. I consider myself to be quite knowledgeable as a marketer, but Joe helped me understand what I already knew to be true and actually put it into action. He also helped me get over a lot of mental and emotional blocks that were preventing me from my own success. Because of Joe, I have achieved several very large career goals that I thought I was at least a couple of years away from, and I've only known him for about 4 months.
Kyle Lemaire
Founder & CEO, Indepreneur
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I recently reconnected with Joe and he has been an outstanding mentor to me in the Digital Marketing field! His knowledge, skills, and strong desire to help has been exactly the mentor I needed in order to be successful in the online small business world. I'm excited to keep working with and learning from him!

David Hess

School Counselor, Elgin High School

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I have known Joe since we were both kids and have seen him grow into the confident, entrepreneurial, caring, & driven individual that he is today. His attention to detail and fresh perspective set him apart as he built a strong business in the marketplace. He continues to strive for better in himself and in helping others achieve their goals and dreams which is not very common in today's world.
Mike Sula
Director of Enterprise Sales, LocalMed
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Joe Kalis is a stand up business owner. Over the past few years I've seen him grow and develop into a confident and spirited business owner. He's provided my wife and me with some great insight on the futures of our own endeavors and has always had an open door to give us a hand. It's a pleasure being associated with him and look forward to continuing the relationship into the future.

Aaron Clark

Actuarial Consultant, Newport Group

Examples of Our Free Training Library...